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Tera Online

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Useful Tera Gold Guide, Skill, Tips & News

1. Overview
Tera is an upcoming MMORPG (massively-multiplayer role playing game) from developer Bluehole Studio. The game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and, unlike most MMOs, uses a non-targeting Combat engine. Players choose from various Races and assign them Classes that can be built upon with various Enhancements.


2. What Makes Tera Special?
Tera is billed as an "Action MMO," which suggests that the combat is more action-oriented than stat-driven. Character Customization makes tera special.

Similar to other western RPGs, players start creating their character by choosing a Race, of which there are seven available: Aman, Baraka, Castanic, Elin, High Elf, Human, and Popori. Each race has different racial traits, including passive effects. In addition to picking a race, players then choose a Class to further specify the character. The classes include:

    * Archer
    * Berserker
    * Lancer
    * Mystic
    * Priest
    * Slayer
    * Sorcerer
    * Warrior
At level 20, players can then even further customize their characters with Glyphs and other Enhancements.


3. TERA Launch Schedule & Release Date
The official launch date is getting closer and closer. If you have not pre-ordered the game, do so now and you will get early access on April 28, 2012 or late on on May 1, 2012 in the United States. Before this, Players can sign up for a public beta. If you've already got the game, here’s an early chance for you to reserve your favorite character name.

Tera is already available in its home market of South Korea. Rival publisher NCsoft is seeking to block the release of Tera in the United States, though it is unlikely they will succeed.


4. TERA Leveling and Strategy Guide
Does it seem to take ages to get your character to the level cap? Can't seem to understand how some players seem to always have an abundance of gold at their disposal? Wondering why you keep loosing out in PvP against certain classes no matter what you try? Don't let that get to you. Find out exactly how to hit level 60 in the shortest time possible, make heaps load of gold and learn to execute a flurry of PvP strategies that will leave your opponents dead in your wake with this TERA Online insider compendium.
Highlights of the TERA Guide:

* The shortest-possible leveling path, proven to take you to level 60 within 7 days
* Detailed quest walkthroughs for hand-picked killer quests yielding insane experience and top items
* Top gold making strategies ensure you'll be sufficiently funded all the way to the end-game
* A complete level-by-level drill down of available weapons, armor, consumables and how to get them the easiest way possible
* Tested and proven PvP strategies that show you how to employ the game's unique combat mechanics at a level you thought impossible
* A complete section on glyphs with expert recommendations for the perfect set-ups
* The best crafting and enchanting reference with a comprehensive coverage of the professions

Shortest-path to Level 60: If you've completely had it with killing mobs all evening for a meager amount of experience and inching up the level ladder at a snail's pace, then you need this TERA Strategy Guide. The leveling section of the guide lays out all the top leveling strategies, tips and hints in combination with a carefully assembled location-by-location leveling path. Hit level 60 a long time before your friends do (or quickly get your alt-characters there as well) with the unique leveling strategies the gaming experts share with you in this guide.

Hand-picked quests reference: Like in most other MMORPGs, there are quests which provide expensive rewards, those that help you climb the leveling ladder faster and those that unlock new progression rewards. Don't get sucked into endless time-sinks and focus on those that are really worth your time. Killer Guides' TERA guide helps you do exactly that. The best quests for experience and items are layed out in front of you together with detailed walkthroughs. Never miss out a great quest again and avoid annoying, time-wasting quest log spam.

Gold Making Strategies: What's the fun in fast progression if you end up having not enough gold to buy appropriate equipment and items for your character along the way and at the level cap? Leveling up and making more gold as you go comes hand-in-hand. Make sure you have enough to buy armor and weapons you can boast about whenver you choose. Discover strategies and money-making techniques that  effortlessly earn you extra gold as you progress. Reached level 60 already? Then it's about time you cut to the chase and focus on the best-paying options only.

Armor, Weapons and other Items: Get your hands on the complete drill-down of armor, weapons and in-game items included in this TERA reference. Equipping your character in TERA is rather simple given the limited slots the game makes available. With that said, the more reason to make sure you make the best buys the first round. Find out exactly what armor, weapons and items your character should strive for at each level as well as the bonus and stats provided by each of them with this TERA Guide.

Top PvP Strategies: Made available in the reference book are the top test and proven PvP strategies shared by expert gamers. With the use of collision mechanics, ability to shield, rolling out of the way and an aiming reticle, fighting in TERA means you really need to be on your toes and have a full comprehension of the outcomes of your actions. In order to win, you need to understand who you're up against, and how to make the best use of individual combat mechanics in each encounter. Make sure you don't drag your team town and put a finishing touch on your 1 on 1 performance through the tactics explained in this chapter.

Glyphs: Builds and talent trees? In TERA, it's all about glyphs for character customization. Make use of glyphs to add special effects and bonuses on your skills such as slowing down enemies or stunning them! In the glyphs chapter you get a full reference of all the available glyphs, their effects, cost and - most importantly - how best to equip them for winning skills-to-glyphs combinations.

Crafting Professions: Not a fan of raiding? Well the good news is, in TERA you can craft your own items almost equal to those rare and epic ones that could be looted from raid bosses. Crafting in TERA is not child's play. Discover what each of the crafting professions has to offer with tips on how you can expand on your crafting experience. Refer to a complete overview of where to obtain each crafting item and recipe drops. Furthermore, everything you need to know about enchanting is also made available in this TERA compilation.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

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